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**Upcoming Agricultural Events**

  • The Agricultural Advisory Committee will be created in early 2017 to implement the Agricultural Enhancement Plan.
  • The final Agricultural Enhancement Plan was adopted by the Town Board at their December 19th meeting. 

**Read the Agricultural Enhancement Plan Here:


Goal 1: Establish a regulatory and economic framework that supports the protection and continued development of agriculture.
– Step 3: “Develop and implement a Town of Canandaigua Farmland Enhancement Program.”


Succession Planning

In 2016 the Town of Canandaigua celebrated its 225th anniversary and agriculture has been the number one industry since the beginning.  Residents and Town officials continue to rank agriculture promotion and protection as the highest goal of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.  The creation of the Padelford Brook Greenway, the first ever Town of Canandaigua Agriculture Enhancement Plan, and the protection of 1,539 acres of farmland all demonstrate the Town’s commitment to agriculture.  

The Finger Lakes has widely been recognized as the bread basket of New York State.  Agriculture in Ontario County New York contributes approximately $ 180,000,000 in annual sales to the economy.  Farms in Canandaigua produce a wide range of agricultural products contributing to the success of agriculture in our community.

Studies suggest that 40% of the soil used for agriculture in the world is classified as either degraded or seriously degraded (WEF, 2012).  Fewer than 10% of the world’s soils are considered prime for agriculture, and even fewer have access to fresh water.  Approximately 70% of the farms in the Town of Canandaigua are blessed with prime soils or partial prime soils; therefore, it is very important for us to do everything possible to ensure the continued use of these soils for agriculture purposes. 

In keeping with Goal # 1 of the Town of Canandaigua’s Comprehensive Plan, “Establish a regulatory and economic framework that supports the protection and continued development of agriculture” it is vital that collectively we plan for the future of agriculture in Canandaigua.  Succession planning for the next generation of agriculture operators is important not only for the use of the land, but also to carry out the family’s vision and intention.  Additionally, plans for succession are contributing factors in the priority ranking of farm parcels for protection through the Town of Canandaigua.


WEF (2012, December 14)  What If the World’s Soil Runs Out?  TIME  Retrieved from:


The timeline is anticipated as follows:

  • January through July 2016 – fact finding, research, and stakeholder meetings;
  • August through November 2016 – draft plan submitted to CIC, the Town Board, and the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets;
  • November 2016 – introduce draft and set Town Board public hearing;
  • December 2016 – SEQRA and adopt plan by Town Board
  • January 2017 – Appoint Agricultural Committee
  • Spring 2017 – begin review, audit of town code re: farm friendly community





Meeting Schedule

LaBella Proposal

LaBella Presentation

Requests for Proposals


View Town Board minutes (pg.4) regarding the hiring of LaBella Associates to prepare the Agricultural Enhancement Plan for the Ag team.


Project Team Members

  • Doug Finch, Project Leader
  • Gary Davis
  • Oksana Fuller
  • Ray Henry
  • Bob Hilliard
  • Bill Purdy
  • Louise Radak
  • Tim Riley
  • Maria Rudzinski
  • Bob DiCarlo
  • Fernando Soberon
  • Travis Wooley

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