Site Design and Development Criteria

Citizens' Implementation Committee Project Team


Update to the Site Design Manual

DRAFT Site Design & Development Criteria Manual


This team has been tasked with revising the Town’s Site Design and Development Criteria with the help of the planners and engineers at MRB Group. This coded document is a helpful regulatory framework used by developers and contractors when working within the Town. The objective of the team is to update the document while adhering to goals 16 and 20 of the 2011 Update to the Comprehensive Plan:    

“Structure land use regulations, design standards and zoning code to improve and protect the character of the Town’s hamlets and gateways.”  

“Embrace ‘Complete Streetscapes’ for all users.”

Proposed Timeline


Team Members

  • Chuck Oyler, Team Leader
  • Jon Babcock
  • Kevin Reynolds
  • Lance Brabant, MRB
  • Greg Hotaling, MRB

Existing Site Design and Development Criteria


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