Local History Project Team

Citizens' Implementation Committee Project Team


Purpose / Mission Statement

The Local History Project Team was created by the Town Board as a sub-committee of the Citizens' Implementation Committee at the beginning of 2018 to discover how best to protect the Town's historic and cultural assets and help share the Town's history with the public. 

The Comprehensive Plan of the Town of Canandaigua lists 20 goals in total. Two of them focus on historic and cultural resources and this team was instructed to address those:

Goal 5 - to preserve local history and encourage the protection of historic sites

Goal 6 - to encourage public awareness of Canandaigua’s rich local history

Follow the links and information below to read more about what the Team has accomplished so far and to learn more about the Town's rich history. More information can also be found on the Town Historian's page


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Team Members

Ray Henry, Town Historian, Co-Chair

Saralinda Hooker, Co-Chair

Lois Golbek

Donna West

Richard West

Ed Varno, OCHS Director


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