Re-Assessment 2022


2022 Assessment Roll Re-Valuation

New York State law requires that assessments be fair, and that all properties be assessed at a uniform percent of market value.  We strive to keep our Level of Assessment at 100% meaning that the assessed value of your property should be about the same as what you could expect your house to sell for if you were to put a “for sale” sign out front.

Market values change.  If the assessments do not reflect these changes, then some property taxpayers could pay more than their fair share of taxes, while others may pay less than their fair share.  Revaluations are intended to maintain fairness throughout the community.

The most recent Re-valuation was in 2018 and before that, 2014.  By adhering to this 4-year cycle, we ensure that adjustments are made to reflect market value and maintain equity in the roll. In keeping with our schedule, the next revaluation will be in 2022.

During a reassessment, the assessor will review the market values of all the properties in the town.  Based on changes in the real estate market, the assessor will determine which assessments need to be increased or decreased.

You will be notified of your new tentative assessment before Grievance Day.  If, after looking at sales in your area you feel that the assessment is unfair, you should arrange for an informal conference at the assessor’s office to review the information on which the value is based.  If a mistake was made, the assessment will be amended.

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