New Citizens' Implementation Committee Project Team to Focus on Local Cultural and Historic Preservation

The Town of Canandaigua Citizens’ Implementation Committee (CIC), a group of residents appointed by the Town Board in 2014, has been working steadily for the past four years to implement the goals set forth in the Town’s Comprehensive Plan. Each year, various teams are assigned to accomplish individual goals. This year, the CIC has established a new team, the Cultural and Historic Preservation project team, to focus specifically on the following two goals from the Comprehensive Plan:

  • Goal 5: “Preserve the history of the Town of Canandaigua and support the protection of significant historic properties,” and
  • Goal 6: “Promote awareness of the influences of our cultural heritage on the evolution of the Town and the greater Canandaigua area.”

This new team will work to identify, preserve, and protect important historical and/or culturally significant sites in the Town of Canandaigua as well as to promote public awareness of the Town’s physical and cultural history.

This is a brand new project team for 2018 and the Town is currently seeking volunteers to participate. If you are interested, and/or would like more information, please contact Sarah Reynolds at or (585) 394-1120 x2232. More information on the CIC and the project teams is available on the Town’s website:

By:      Sarah Reynolds, Development Office

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