A Message for Town Residents

Dear Canandaigua Residents:

In light of the recent resignation of the Town Supervisor, your Town Board and Town Hall staff want to assure you that the Town Hall is open for business Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm and is fully staffed with professional, well-educated, competent, stable, and experienced individuals ready to serve you.

We are fortunate that our staff at Town Hall has a combined total of 192 years of experience in municipal government, including 3 Master’s degrees, 6 Bachelor’s degrees, and 4 Associate’s degrees. The level of professionalism and stability in our staff is often envied by other municipalities. Many of our staff members hold multiple titles, to reduce expenditures, maximize efficiencies, and save tax payer resources. Our Town Hall staff is comprised of 10 full time employees and 10 part time employees.    

In addition to our staff, the Town Board provides oversight and policy direction to the Town Manager who is charged with implementing the policies of the Town Board. The Town Manager is responsible for day to day administration responsibilities.  The Town Board adopted the Town Board/Town Manager form of government in 2017 as provided by New York State Law §58.  Our current Town Manager holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, Bachelor’s in Business Administration, and Associate’s in Business Administration and Organizational Leadership. Additionally, he has over 17 years of experience in municipal governance and is committed to providing our residents with outstanding customer service. 

In addition to the Town Hall staff:

  • Our Town Clerk is an Elected Officer of the Town with more than 20 years of experience serving the Town of Canandaigua.   
  • Our Town also has 58 years of combined experience in Parks and Recreation, providing enriching opportunities for our community.
  • Our Town is very fortunate to have more than 295 years of combined experience in our Highway Department with an amazingly dedicated group of highway equipment operators led by an Elected Highway Superintendent with more than 15 years of experience to the Town of Canandaigua.

Please contact any of our Town Board members, Elected Officials, the Town Manager, or staff if we can ever be of any assistance to you.


Terry Fennelly, Town Board Member                      
Kevin Reynolds, Town Board Member
Linda Dworaczyk, Town Board Member
Gary Davis, Town Board Member
Jean Chrisman, Town Clerk
Jim Fletcher, Highway Superintendent
Doug Finch, Town Manager

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