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Date: November 13, 2020


CONTACT:  Sarah Reynolds


Phone: (585)394-1120 x2232


(Canandaigua, NY) - The Town of Canandaigua is seeking residents who are interested in serving the Town in the following appointed vacancies:

  • Town Historian
  • Environmental Conservation Board
  • Planning Board, alternate

All positions begin January 2021. Details of each vacancy are below.


The duties of the Town Historian are to interpret, preserve, and share the story of the Town’s past with the public. The Historian will work with local and state historical offices. Duties can also involve research and writing on aspects of Town history including articles for the general public audience in magazines and newspapers. The Historian may also engage in public presentations on various historical topics from time to time. The Town Historian is a paid, part-time position with varying hours that are negotiable.

Environmental Conservation Board

The Environmental Conservation Board (ECB) assists the Town Board with public awareness and education regarding the Town of Canandaigua’s natural resources and routinely reviews development projects in the Town of Canandaigua for potential impacts to natural resource protection. ECB members are involved in planning ECB meetings, project reviews, public workshops, etc. Applicants having a background in conservation, natural resource management, land use planning, or a related field are strongly encouraged to apply. ECB members receive a stipend that is paid quarterly.

Planning Board

The role of the Planning Board (PB) is to review project applications for compliance with town code and to ensure the project adheres to sound planning practices that are in keeping with the Town’s Comprehensive Plan and several other adopted documents relating to open space and environmental protection, parks and recreation, history, agriculture, complete streets, water, and sewer. Interested candidates should have a background in or an understanding of code language and land use planning. The current PB vacancy is for an alternate board member, which is an unpaid, volunteer position.

The Town will receive letters of interest and resumes through November 30, 2020. Letters of interest and resumes should be directed to Sarah Reynolds either by mail or by email Please indicate in the letter for which position(s) you have an interest in. Interviews with potential candidates will take place in December. Please send any questions to Sarah Reynolds via email.

Sent to news media November 13, 2020 by Sarah Reynolds

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