Options To Provide Additional Public Access to Canandaigua Lake

Town of Canandaigua Exploring Options to Provide Additional Public Access to

Canandaigua Lake


The Town Board of the Town of Canandaigua is exploring two options to acquire land for the purpose of additional Canandaigua Lake access for the public.

Residents of the Town of Canandaigua have routinely requested additional public access to Canandaigua Lake.  A survey of residents completed for the 2003 Comprehensive Plan found that 61.5% of the residents said the Town should develop public lakefront access, and in 2011 during an update the Comprehensive Plan residents cited a desire for additional public access, noting only 1.4% of the Lake’s shoreline provides access.  Again, for the 2020 Comprehensive Plan, residents were surveyed and 81.12% of the respondents stated lake access was either greatly needed or somewhat needed and 73.2% of the respondents stated more parkland was needed.

Recently the Town of Canandaigua has had two opportunities to move forward to explore the opportunity to create additional public access along Canandaigua Lake.

“These two parcels would help to protect nearly 1,000 feet of shoreline of Canandaigua Lake, and provide meaningful access for the public,” said Town Manager Doug Finch.  “Grant funding, open space funding, parks and recreation funding, and record low interest bonding would be considered for acquiring these once in a lifetime parcels with unmatched views of Canandaigua Lake.”

The concept includes the acquisition of land at 3950 County Road 16, and also the acquisition of land at 4351 Tichenor Point Drive.  The first parcel would include a portion of open space protection, with a future walking trail and access to the water that would include a floating dock for fishing, picnic area, a quiet place just to enjoy the beauty of the water, natural resource protection, and possible non-motorized craft launching such as for a canoe or kayak.  The second parcel has a significant historical connection to the legacy of Canandaigua, and what is believed to be the Seneca Nation. The second parcel has been protected by the same family for 50 years.  Future use at the second parcel would include a swim area, fishing access, non-motorized craft launching, and possibly a small museum dedicated to the history of Canandaigua, Canandaigua Lake including the steamboat era, and the Seneca Nation.    

Appraisals will need to be completed to determine the exact market rate sale prices.  The Town Manager will present details associated with the proposed acquisition during a public hearing of the Town Board on January 11, 2021 to be held by Zoom.  More information and meeting details will be available through the Town’s website.

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