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Citizens Implementation Committee Project Team


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(Adopted by the Town Board on December 19, 2016)


Goal 9: Limit the expansion of sewer and water services to those areas of the Town where increased growth and development is most appropriate.
– Step 1: “Develop a Town of Canandaigua Sewer Master Plan.” See below for the introduction to the Sewer Master Plan.

The Town Board has hired MRB to complete a Sewer Master Plan. The recommended outcomes from MRB and the Sewer Master Plan Team may differ, as MRB is obligated to recommend possible sewer projects to the Town Board. The Sewer Master Plan Team will likely be recommending tools for utilization of the Sewer Master Plan in keeping with the work by MRB such as easy to follow maps to identify where sewer (development) is envisioned.

The Sewer Master Plan has maps of all sewer locations in the Town of Canandaigua, and a limited amount of narrative to accompany those maps. The CIC will meet with the Sewer Master Plan Team at the conclusion of their work, to assist with the writing of a narrative to accompany that Sewer Maps that are in keeping with the Comprehensive Plan.


The Sewer Master Plan Team has offered, and the CIC is recommending the following timeline:

  • January 2016 – draft maps to CIC;
  • Feb/March 2016 – draft maps to Planning Board and Town Board;
  • April 2016 – SEQRA and consideration of acceptance of sewer master plan maps by Town Board.

Project Team Members

  • Jerry Bellis
  • Gary Davis
  • Dave Emery
  • Jim Fletcher
  • Greg Hotaling
  • Lew Smith

Sewer Master Plan



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