Citizens' Implementation Committee


CIC Mission Statement

By focusing on each individual goal of the 2011 Comprehensive Plan Update, we will examine every action step and, if necessary, amend the description to allow for quantifiable objectives in order to track progress and ultimately achieve the goals identified, while keeping in mind the original plan for the future development of the Town of Canandaigua.

Comprehensive Plan

Project Teams

A Town of Canandaigua Comprehensive Plan update was written in 2011, but many aspects were never implemented. The goal of the CIC is to discuss the update and take goals to the next level using expertise from each member and assigning individual project teams to work on the goals deemed to be the most important from the Comprehensive Plan. Below are the resulting project teams. Some have completed their goals while others are still progressing towards theirs and continue to meet regularly; follow the links for more specific information about each team.

2018 Teams

Local History Team 

2017 Teams

Open Space and Conservation Master Plan 

Complete Streets Committee (Appointed Committee - still active)

Site Design Standards and Criteria Update 

2014 Teams

Agricultural Advisory Committee (Still active)

Natural Resources Inventory

Conservation Easements

Sewer Master Plan

Economic Development (Previously Mixed Use Overlay Team) (Still active)


CIC Recommendations to the Town Board

In their annual report to the Town Board, the CIC made recommendations based on the work of each of the five project teams up to that point. That report from December 2015 and the incuded recommendations can be viewed here.



2019 CIC Meeting Schedule*

*Meeting topics are subject to change as needed.

Meeting Minutes

CIC Members

Sarah Reynolds, Chairperson

Gary Davis, Town Board, Former ZBA Member

Doug Finch, Town Manager

Oksana Fuller, Former PB Member

Ray Henry, Town Historian

Kelly La Voie, ZBA Member

Joyce Marthaller, Former PB Member

Karen Parkhurst, Parks Committee

Kevin Reynolds, Town Board 

Tom Schwartz, PB Chairperson

Patricia Venezia, ECB Member









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