Planned Construction for Town Roadways

Annual Construction According to the Adopted 284 Agreement


Permanent Improvement of Town Highways Planned in 2024


Agreement For the Expenditure of HIghway Moneys per Town Board Resolution 2023-305-Adopted 284 Agreement


AGREEMENT between the Highway Superintendent of the Town of Canandaigua, Ontario County, New York, and the undersigned members of the Town Board.

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 284 of the Highway Law, moneys levied and collected in the Town for the repair and improvement of highways, and received from the State for State Aid for the repair and improvement of highways, shall be expended as follows:


The sum of $1,750,000.00.00 shall be set aside to be expended for primary work and general repairs upon _____102.60___ miles of town highways, including sluices, culverts and bridges having a span of less than twenty feet and boardwalks or the renewals thereof.

The following is a list for the permanent improvement of Town highways:

  1. Various repairs on town roads $ 253,000.00.
  2. Paving of roads
    1. Middle Cheshire Road. 450,000.00
    2. Emerson road $ 450,000.00
    3. Stable gate subdivision $ 150,000
    4. Arnold Drive $ 120,000
    5. Canandaigua Farmington town line road $ 77,500
  3. Nova Chip Cooley Road $ 250,000.00

Total Estimated Expenditure    $ 1,750,000.00

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