Celebrating New Highway Facility With Ribbon Cutting


Canandaigua Town Board Celebrates Highway Facility



May 21, 2018

For Immediate Release

(Canandaigua, NY) – The Town of Canandaigua celebrated the opening of its new Town Highway Facility with a ribbon cutting ceremony today, marking completion of a significant phase of a project to improve the Town’s municipal campus with a number of critical upgrades.

The new facility is located on the same campus as the Town’s municipal offices, located at 5440 Routes 5 & 20 West, Canandaigua.

A growing community with increasing demands for services, Canandaigua was facing the challenge of meeting modern-day needs with antiquated structures, many of which were undersized and did not support municipal operations.  The Town Highway Department was in need of replacing a forty-year-old garage with a more efficient layout and modern-day safety features, such as carbon dioxide monitors, a new ventilation system to supply clean air in the building, and adequate lighting.

Working closely with architects and engineers from MRB Group, Canandaigua Highway Superintendent Jim Fletcher and his staff engaged with the Town Public Works Committee in a planning process to identify the long-term needs involved in providing public works services for a fast-growing community.  The primary focus for the new facility is better serving residents while increasing operational efficiency and staff safety.

“The new facility size and layout provides much needed equipment storage,” said Superintendent Fletcher, along with the ability to better maintain vehicles and improve safety through dedicated areas for operations such as truck maintenance and welding.  “The new design allows us to focus on serving residents while providing improved work spaces for Highway Department employees,” he stated.

The facility design followed extensive site and building programming analysis, keeping in mind cost-effective measures to reduce the financial impact of the needed improvements.  The site and facility design centralizes the town’s equipment and materials storage, bringing the Town’s Highway, Water, and Parks Department under one roof.

Town Supervisor Greg Westbrook congratulated the Town Board, Highway Superintendent Fletcher, the Public Works Committee, and Town Manager Doug Finch on a job well done.

“Having a well-planned, functional highway facility that operates more efficiently is an accomplishment for all residents of the Town,” Westbrook stated.  “The leadership provided by the Public Works Committee consisting of Chairman Terry Fennelly, Highway Superintendent Jim Fletcher, and Town resident Al Kraus allowed this project to move forward efficiently, and in a very cost effective manner.”

The new main structure includes a vehicle storage area, service bays, and administrative offices to increase efficiency of operations.  Within the new main structure, a vehicle garage area now provides adequate space to house the Town’s highway vehicles and equipment, with a dedicated wash bay, and storage mezzanine. An adjacent maintenance garage provides two service bays, a welding area, work/assembly area, delivery and storage areas, and a maintenance office.

The new facility includes many sustainable building materials and features to enhance energy efficiency and lower operational costs, including continuous wall/roof insulation, clerestory windows for natural lighting, radiant-heat flooring, and energy-efficient ventilation / exhaust systems.  Use of a pre-engineered metal building (PEMB) also reduced construction costs and build time.

According to Lead Project Architect Scott Bova, the 40,880 square foot highway facility may first appear large when compared to the former structure that it replaces, however, the design allows staff to more efficiently utilize the site, improving access to the structures and increasing safety for staff and visitors.  He says the design team looked at the pattern of growth in the town, creating a facility to accommodate both present and future needs.

“This flexible design allows for future expansion,” Bova said.  “Should additional space be required, the town can increase the building capacity without redesigning the space, making future upgrades cost less,” he stated.

Highway Superintendent Fletcher commended his staff for their support and assistance while planning the project, and their patience while the multi-phase construction phase took place.

New York State Senator Pam Helming, who served as the Canandaigua Town Supervisor when the project was initiated, offered personal congratulations to the Town Board.

"It is great to see this project come to fruition. The Town of Canandaigua is growing and thriving. It is important that our municipal infrastructure keep pace. The development of this new facility will allow the Town of Canandaigua to combine the highway, parks and water departments into one streamlined location. This will ensure that the Town of Canandaigua has the space it needs to deliver top-notch service to local residents. The new facility is an investment in Canandaigua's future. I commend Supervisor Greg Westbrook, Town Manager Doug Finch, Highway Superintendent Jim Fletcher, Project Leader Terry Fennelly, and MRB Group for their efforts to get this project completed on time and under budget," said Senator Pam Helming.

Town residents will soon get a chance to see and learn more about their municipal facilities when the Town hosts an Open House event, scheduled for Saturday, June 16, 2018.  The Open House will show case the new Highway facilities as well as present topics of interest such as future recycling efforts, open space preservation, park and recreation plans and much more.  The Open House will soon be announced in another press release.

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