Gateway Signs

Welcome Signage for the Town


The Town of Canandaigua will be installing several welcome signs, a.k.a. "gateway signs" throughout the Town at major entry points to welcome residents and visitors alike as they enter the Town. This is a sneak peek of the design, courtesy of Sign Language, Inc., the company hired by the Town to design and create these beautiful signs. We are so excited to get these in the ground. 

This project was spearheaded by goals in the Comprehensive Plan. In 2020, a volunteer project team was assembled by the CIC and approved by the Town Board to help design the signs and identify locations for them to be placed. The project team completed their task in late 2021, after a brief hiatus during the pandemic. 

The Highway Department will be organizing the placement and installation of the signs during the 2023 construction season. 

If you have questions about the signs or their locations, you may contact Sarah Reynolds or 585-337-4731. 


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