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This group was established in early 2017 to implement Goals 3, 7 and 8 from the 2011 Comprehensive Plan Update 2011:

"Ensure the Protection of the Town of Canandaigua’s natural resources;”

“Conserve and maintain the land that provides critical open space and scenic resources;”

“Create a network of linkages for wildlife habitat, scenic views and recreational trails.” 

The Open Space team has been working very hard on a plan that will help to retain the Town’s open spaces and undeveloped forests, fields, and land. An RFP has gone out requesting proposals for the development of a master plan that will help to uphold the identified Comprehensive Plan goals.

Proposed Timeline

  • Feb 2017 - Team established
  • March - April 2017 - Prepare draft of the RFP
  • May 2017 - Town Board approves and releases RFP
  • June 2017 - Proposals due
  • July - Sep 2017 - Team and Consultant work to draft the Master Plan
  • Oct 2017 - Finalize the draft Master Plan
  • Nov 2017 - Town Board holds public hearing for the draft Master Plan
  • Dec 2017 - Town Board adopts the Open Space and Conservation Master Plan

Team Members

  • Tom Schwartz, Team Leader
  • Ryan Staychock, Team Leader
  • Robert Hause
  • Saralinda Hooker
  • Chris Lyon
  • Joyce Marthaller
  • Debby McNaughton
  • Dennis Nichols
  • Michael Palermo
  • Brenda Ragonesi
  • Keith Turner
  • Pat Venezia

Existing Conservation and Open Space Plans

Farmland and Open Space Conservation Program (2004)

Prioritizing Farmland and Scenic Views (2006)

Padelford Brook Greenway Plan (2015)


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