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Project Team of the Citizens' Implementation Committee




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Dennis Brewer, Chairperson

Edith Davey, Conservation Educator, Environmental Conservation Board Member

Gary Kochersberger, Environmental Conservation Board Member

Bob Lacourse, Planning Board Member

Dan Marion Jr., Arborist

Eric Obenauer, Environmental Conservation Board Member

Ellen Polimeni, City Tree Advisory Board Representative

Andy Corino, Staff Liaison



The Tree Team is scheduled to meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm. They meet at various parks or at Town Hall. Meeting schedules are subject to change as necessary. Call Town Hall for more information or send an email to Andy Corino.



The Tree Team serves to watch over the Town's community forest, which includes all trees and woodlands growing on Town-owned land such as Town Parks, Cemeteries, and the Town Hall campus. The Town is very fortunate to have trained arborists, naturalists, and environmental educators on the Tree Team and is extremely grateful for their time. Tree Team members have advised the Town on general tree health including proper pruning techniques, disease treatments, insect infestations and the presence of invasive species. They also advise on hazardous tree removals.  

The team was created in early 2020 as a Project Team falling under the Citizens' Implementation Committee, which serves to implement the goals in the Town's Comprehensive Plan. The team now serves as an advisory group reporting directly to the Town Board. The Tree team's work helps to achieve the Town's goals of protecting its natural resources and enhancing the quality of life for residents and the community.


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The Town of Canandaigua Tree Team is pleased to present a Heritage Tree Program. The purpose of our program is to identify and celebrate exceptional trees for their historical, botanical, cultural or landmark value to our community. We encourage the preservation of large, valuable trees and we are working to increase public awareness about trees. Please click here for a full description of the Heritage Tree Program. 


If you have a tree that you would like to nominate, please click on the tree below to access the nomination form. 


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Tree Team Reports


2023-07-11 Tree Report - Onanda Park

2023-06-13 Minutes

2023-05-06 Tree Report - Tilton Cemetery, Cooley Cemetery, Peanut Line Trail, Sand Hill Cemetery

2023-04-11 Minutes

2023-03-13 Minutes


2022-08-08 Tree Report - Miller Park, Bliss Road section

2022-06-20 Tree Report - Tilton Cemetery, Cooley Cemetery, Peanut Line Trail, Sand Hill Cemetery, Hunn Cemetery

2022-05-09 Tree Report - Pierce Park, Lucas Cemetery, McJannett Park, Academy Cemetery

2022-04-23 Tree Report - Onanda Park

2022-04-11 Minutes

2022-03-14 Minutes


2021-11-08 Minutes

2021-10-11 Tree Report - Miller Park

2021-09-15 Minutes (joint Meeting with City Tree Advisory Board)

2021-05-08 Tree Report - Remington Cemetery, Pierce Park, McJannett Park, Onanda Park Uplands

2021-05-05 Minutes (joint Meeting with City Tree Advisory Board)


2020-10-17 Tree Report - Town Hall Campus, Outhouse Park, Blue Heron Park

2020-09-26 Tree Report - School House Park, Onana Park Lakeside, Academy Cemetery, Lucas Cemetery, Hunn Cemetery

Tree Sponsorship Program

You can now have a tree planted at a Town Park in honor of someone special or to celebrate an occaision. The cost of the program is $400 and includes a tree planted at a participating park and an engraved stone. You can pick the park from the list and the Tree Team will choose an appropriate tree species that will thrive in that location. This program was created in partnership with the Parks, Trails, & Recreation Committee

Tree Sponsorship Program Form







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