Power Point Presentations available for all residents from the Town of Canandaigua Historian.

Others may be available by request.

Please call at 585-944-1506 for avail days and times. Generally all that may be required is a screen or a blank wall space!


History of the English Barn in Western N.Y.

History of the Rochester & Eastern Rapid Railway - The Electric Railway

The Natural Science camp at Tichenor Point

Steamboats of Canandaigua Lake

History of Barn Tours

West Lake Rd sites

  • Video - "West Lake Legacy"

  • Tour of Homes

Owasco/Iroquois - Where is Kanandaigua?

Book Reviews :         Memories of the Heart l

                                  Memories of the Heart ll

                                  Natural Science Camp of Tichenor Point

Performing Oral Histories

History of the Town of Canandaigua

  • Historically Significant Sites

  • Personalities of Canandaigua

  • Residential Architecture of Canandaigua

Ontario County District Schools


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