Historical Maps of the Town


Click on the links below to view historical maps of the Town of Canandaigua. The numbers correspond to the year the maps were created.  


Exerpted from:

Walling, H. F. (1852) Ontario County, New York, From Actual Surveys. [Map]. Philadelphia: John E. Gillett. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, https://www.loc.gov/item/2006636780/.

Note: if you follow the Library of Congress link, there is an option to view the entire original map. 


Exerpted from: 

Beers, S. N., Beers, D. G., Dawson, A. R. Z. & Gillette, J. E. (1859). Map of Ontario County, New York. [Map]. 1:42,240. Philadelphia, PA: A.R.Z. Dawson. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, https://www.loc.gov/item/2013593229/.

Note: if you follow the Library of Congress link, there is an option to view the entire original map.


Auth. Unknown (1874). Canandaigua 001, Cheshire, Centerfield. [Map]. 1:39,600. In, Ontario County 1874. Philadelphia, PA: Pomeroy, Whitman, and Co. (pg. 18-19). 

Note: Viewable online here: historicmapworks.com.  This title is also available at the Ontario County Historical Society.


Auth. Unknown (1904) Canandaigua. [Map]. In, New Centry Atlas of Ontario County, New York, with Farm Records. Philadelphia, PA: Century Map Company. (pg. 64-65). 

Note: Viewable online here: historicmapworks.com.  


Auth. Unknown (1916-1917) Ontario County Map. Rand McNally. [Map]

Note: This map is available at the Ontario County Historical Society. 


US Geological Survey (1978) Canandaigua Lake, NY Quadrangle. [Map]. 1:24,000. Washington, DC: USGS.  


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