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Squaw Island

A Pictoral History


Images courtesy of Ontario County Historical Society, dates are estimated













Watercolor, Frank Townsend Hutchens, 1887 - note boathouses along pier and steamboat smoke











Watercolor, Charles Dickens Wader, pre-1918 - note Canandaigua skyline














Low water year - early 20th century












Early 20th century













c. 1918 - 1930, during “State Museum Reservation” period














Back of postcard above












Postcard view c. 1930-1950











Allen family picnic on Squaw Island, no date












Squaw Island from Atwater Meadows, c. 1950-70












High water year, possibly 1972 (Hurricane Agnes)














Squaw Island from the air, mid 20th century

























Squaw Island from the air, c. 1970s













Watercolor, Walter Henn, pre-1975















Watercolor - Fred Johnson, 1995












Squaw Island from the City Pier in winter, pre-1986












Before 2001 stabilization work - note Water Biscuit boulder at right

Squaw Island is owned by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and is managed as a wildlife management area. For more information, click here.


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