County Road 28 Sewer District Project


County Road 28 Sewer District Project



Based on requests from residents, the Town Board commissioned preliminary engineering report to study the feasibility of providing public sewer along:
A. Portions of County Road 28 (CR28),
B. Portions of Risser Road, and
C. Portions of Emmerson Road


• Approximately 7,440 linear feet of 8-inch sewer.
• Approximately 3,300 linear foot of 10-inch sewer.
• Approximately 39 manholes and appurtenances.
• Approximately 5,560 linear feet of 6-inch force main.
• A sanitary pump station north of 2235 County Rd 28.
• Serves 99 parcels, 81 existing homes and an apartment complex.


• The total estimated project cost of $4,237,000.00 is proposed to be funded in the following manner:
1. ARPA Grant $750,000
2. Debt Service to the District: $3,487,000
• Estimated Annual Cost Impact to “Typical” Single Family Home

ITEM                                               ESTIMATED ANNUAL COST
Debt Service (30yr @ 5.0%)         $2,202.00
County O&M                                  $360.00

TOTAL: $2,562.00


• In addition, the following one-time connection charges are anticipated:

County Hook-Up Charge: $200.00
• Installation of Individual Sewer Service & Abandonment of Septic*

*The estimated cost of the service line between your home and the lateral at the road right-of-way and the abandonment of the septic tank is $3,000 to $5,000. Your total cost for this item will depend upon the distance from the road right-of-way to your home, soil conditions, etc.


• Begin Construction: ‘Best Case’ Late Summer of 2024
‘More Likely’ Early 2025


• The total project costs are estimates, based on the preliminary information available at this time, and past experience with projects of similar scope. However, the cost is highly dependent upon the market conditions. The material cost of pipe has varied significantly from time to time throughout the past few years. Interest rates have a significant impact on user costs; at 3% Alternative A would cost $2,087 per EDU
• Audit and Control review and approval if the total annual cost of sewer exceeds $694.00 (2023)…this project will exceed that threshold.
• The Town will need to enter into an Inter-Municipal Agreement (IMA) with the County to perform all of the O&M related to this district, which will need to finalized along with district formation.


Click here for a map of the Proposed CR28 Sewer District.


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