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Neighborhoods (defined by the Appraisal Institute) - A group of complementary land uses, a congruous group of inhabitants, buildings or business enterprises. The goal in developing neighborhoods is to group similar type properties to be able to analyze their value based on sales.

Neighborhoods in the Town of Canandaigua (Divided into twelve for assessment purposes):

  • 24340 - Residential sites that are on septic and have a well for water, typically rural sites with building sites of one acre or greater.
  • 24360 - Residential sites that have public water but are on a septic system (utilities are public water and electric service), typically one acre or larger.
  • 24380 - Older subdivisions (built prior to 2003) - includes Fox Ridge, Ashton Place and Old Brookside. Lot size, topography and street view vary within this subdivision.
  • 24550 - Properties zoned commercial (which includes industrial properties) located predominately on Routes 5 & 20 and Route 332. This neighborhood includes banks, warehouses, retail stores, gas stations, mini-marts, etc.
  • 24730 - Lakeview residential sites that have a lake view (rated one through five):
    1. Winter View - can only see the lake in the winter (due to foliage)
    2. Limited Year-Round View - Buildings/trees may impede view
    3. Average View - self-explanatory
    4. Above-Average View - ability to see at least one site distance well
    5. Superior/Commanding View - ability to see up and down the lake, no obstructions
  • 24750 - West Lake - All lake properties on the west side of Canandaigua Lake, except road divide lots (further subdivided into six sub-neighborhoods).
  • 24751 - East Lake - All lake properties on the east side of Canandaigua Lake (further subdivided into five sub-neighborhoods).
  • 24852 - Road divide - the road separates waterfront from residence, the residence may be on the waterfront side or across the street.
  • 24385 - 2003 or newer subdivisions (generally north of Routes 5 & 20), typically average to good grade, good condition. Building sites have public sewer/water, natural gas utilities.
  • 24390 - 2003 or newer subdivisions (generally south of Routes 5 & 20), typically average to good grade, good to very good quality. Building sites have public sewer/water, natural gas utilities.
  • 24395 - 2003 or newer subdivisions, typically superior lake view. Homes utilize topography to maximize living area.
  • 24850 - Townhomes - presently there are four subcategories by year built/located in the Town of Canandaigua.

Note: Grade and condition follow Marshall & Swift Cost guides for classification.


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