County Road 16 Pedestrian and Bicycle Study

County Road 16 Pedestrian and Bicycle Accommodations Feasibility Study





What is this about?

County Road 16 winds along the shore of Canandaigua Lake, providing unparalleled lake views and attracting a large number of pedestrians and cyclists. Providing opportunities for walking and cycling can have positive community wide impacts including health benefits, environmental benefits and economic benefits.

The Ontario County Department of Public Works, with funding made possible throuhg a grant from the Genessee Transportation Council, is working on a study that will look at ways they can make Ontario County Road 16 safer and more attractive for pedestrians and cyclists, while improving safety for all users.

This feasibility study will support the continued development of safe, functional and attractive facilities for biking and walking in Ontario County.


January 2018 - Public Meeting

April 2018 - Public Meeting

May 2018 - Steering Committee Meeting

August 2018 - Public Meeting

Additional Steering Committee Meetings TBD

For More Information Contact:

Thomas A Rafferty, P.E.

Ontario County DPW‚Äč

Project Materials

Project Documents on DropBox

Study Area Maps

Survey Results


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