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Uptown Form Based Code

Changes to Zoning Code for Uptown Canandaigua


Form Based Code 

Form Based Code (Uptown Canandaigua) Adopted September 20, 2021

UPTOWN Form Based Code - MAP

FBC MAP: Final Uptown Form Based Code Map Adopted September 20, 2021


Zoning is the key regulatory avenue for a community, and form based code is a way to ensure the build out of a particular area mirror the desired outcomes by the community.  As identified by Strong Towns there are six key take aways with form based code:

  • Encourage Revitilization in the Form Based Code area;
  • Promote Affordable Housing;
  • Help Small Business;
  • Promote Walkability;
  • Preserve or Capture a sense of place;
  • Stop regulating the wrong things;

In 2015, work really begun on the Uptown Canandaigua area and looking at the future build out of this particular section of the Town of Canandaigua.  With the support of GTC, the Town began with a group of volunteers, engaged residents, and professionals to further design the future build out.  The work from the early group is found on the Uptown website.

The Uptown Canandaigua Mixed-Use and Transportation Study, adopted in 2019, identified the need to revise town code in order to allow for certain types of development and re-development along and around Route 332 in the Town of Canandaigua, including infill in some of the larger parcels and allowing development closer to the road (much like Main Street Canandaigua). The requested changes also include mixed-use developments on the same parcel including residential and commercial in one building. 

The Town Board Economic Development Committee is serving as the project steering committee for this project. Bergmann Associates is serving as the project consultant and has prepared a draft proposal that includes suggestions for the creation of a Form Based Code for portions of the Uptown area. 



Previous Versions of the drafted Form Based Code

August 2021 DRAFT Form Based Code for Uptown Canandaigua

August 6, 2021 DRAFT Form Based Code MAP

June 2021 DRAFT Form Based Code

FBC MAP: Draft Uptown Form Based Code Map - 8/3/2021

* Contacts:

Town Contacts

Sarah Reynolds, Town Manager

Project Consultant

Kimberly Baptiste, Bergmann Associates

Project Steering Committee

Oksana Fuller, Economic Development Committee Chair (email Sarah Reynolds with questions for Steering Committee)


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