Post-Construction Runoff Control

Minimum Control Measure #5


“Develop, implement and enforce a plan that addresses storm water runoff from new development and redevelopment projects and incorporates enforceable mechanisms. Applicable controls could include preventative actions (e.g., protecting sensitive areas) or the use of structural controls (e.g., grassed swales or porous pavement).”

Increase in impervious cover reduces the ability for water to infiltrate into the ground, resulting in an increase in surface runoff, flooding and changes to stream morphology. Additionally, as runoff flows over areas altered by development, it picks up pollutants that have accumulated on the surface of the impervious cover such as oil and grease, pesticides, and heavy metals. To reduce the impact that development has on the quantity of pollutants contained in the runoff, strategies and management practices are being implemented to maintain predevelopment conditions to the maximum extent practicable. The Town has developed and implemented a program to oversee the design, construction and maintenance of post-construction stormwater practices in order to eliminate the potential impacts that development has on receiving waterbodies.

  • Chapter 165 of Town of Canandaigua Code - Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control
  • Stormwater Facilities Database & Maintenance
  • Regulatory Mechanism (Local Law) addressing the control of pollutant discharge from construction projects.

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