Post-Construction Runoff Control

Minimum Control Measure #5


“Develop, implement and enforce a plan that addresses storm water runoff from new development and redevelopment projects and incorporates enforceable mechanisms. Applicable controls could include preventative actions (e.g., protecting sensitive areas) or the use of structural controls (e.g., grassed swales or porous pavement).”

Post Construction Stormwater Management focuses on the prevention or minimization of water quality impacts from both new and re-development projects that disturb one acre or more. This includes projects less than one acre that are part of a larger common plan of development that discharge into the MS4. The best management practices describe structural and/or non structural practices, the legal authority mechanism that will be used to address post construction runoff from new development and redevelopment projects, and procedures to ensure long term operation and maintenance of BMPs.

Increase in impervious cover reduces the ability for water to infiltrate into the ground, resulting in an increase in surface runoff, flooding and changes to stream morphology. Additionally, as runoff flows over areas altered by development, it picks up pollutants that have accumulated on the surface of the impervious cover such as oil and grease, pesticides, and heavy metals. To reduce the impact that development has on the quantity of pollutants contained in the runoff, strategies and management practices are being implemented to maintain predevelopment conditions to the maximum extent practicable. The Town has developed and implemented a program to oversee the design, construction and maintenance of post-construction stormwater practices in order to eliminate the potential impacts that development has on receiving waterbodies.

As an operator of a regulated small MS4, the Town is required to develop, implement, and enforce a program to reduce pollutants in stormwater runoff to their MS4. The Town has implemented and is constantly updating the following:

  • Provide equivalent protection to the NYS SPDES General Permit for Stormwater Dischargers from Construction Activities
  • Address post-construction runoff to the MS4 from new development and redevelopment projects that result in land disturbance activities of greater than or equal to one acre or part of a larger common plan of development.
  • Have an ordinance or other regulatory mechanism requiring the implementation of post construction runoff controls to the extent allowable under State, or Local law and meets the State’s most current technical standards.
  • Develop and implement strategies which include a combination of structural and/or nonstructural best management practices.
  • Have procedures for site plan review of SWPPPs that consider potential water quality impacts and consistency with State and local sediment and erosion control requirements.
  • Utilize trained individuals to perform the review of all sites of one acre or greater, and complete the MS4 Acceptance Form when required.
  • Ensure adequate long term operation and maintenance of post-construction stormwater management practices within the covered entities jurisdiction. Inventory to include location of practice, type of practice, maintenance needed per practice, SWPPP, dates and type of maintenance performed.
  • Inspect development and re-development sites, enforce local ordinances, and penalize violators.
  • Review measureable goals, and annually assess and modify as needed.
  • Determine the appropriate best management practices and measurable goals for this minimum control measure

The following are links which partially detail how the Town is addressing these requirements:


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