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A site development permit and a building permit are required for any new building or any addition or alteration that affects the structural design of the building or its mechanical, electrical, or plumbing system. These permits are also required for any change in use of land or existing building.

These permits are legal documents that grant permission to construct or alter a building or other structure in accordance with approved drawings and specifications. Permits help assure that the construction meets all safety standards of the New York State Fire Prevention and Building Code and the Town of Canandaigua code. Many repairs may not require a permit, such as siding, flooring, replacement of windows, etc. Check with the Development Office by calling 394-1120, ext. 2246, or send an email to

  • Please do not send payment for building permits until after permit is approved. The invoice will be in your Cloudpermit application workspace after the review is finished.
  • NO permits shall be issued without proof of insurace attached in Cloudpermit workspace (see Insurance Requirements)
  • Please allow at least 5-10 business days for your permit to be issued - if no Board approval is required.
  • If Board approval is required from either the Planning Board, Zoning Board, or both, then all applications are due on the first business day of the month no later than 12:00pm. There will be no exceptions to this rule as the Town has internal reviews and processes that take time to complete prior to the board meetings.
    • See board calendar above for deadline dates and meeting dates. Payment for application is required prior to the PRC meeting (see board calendar).


Cloudpermit is a comprehensinve online portal for all Town of Canandaigua development applications including planning, zoning, building/site development permits, and Short Term Rental permits. New users will be prompted to create an account prior to using the portal.

Cloudpermit Instructional Brochure

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Additional materials to use with your Cloudpermit Application for Planning Board and Zoning Board applications:

These are to be used in conjunction with a Cloudpermit application - checklists are to be filled out and uploaded into the workspace.

Type of Review Application Type & Requirements
Planning Board


Town Code: Site Plan Regulations

General Procedural Requirements for Planning Board site plan review

Requirements for Sketch Plan

Requirements for Preliminary Site Plan

Requirements for Final Site Plan

SEQR forms and information

Choose applicable checklist(s) for your application:


Town code: Subdivision Procedure and Applications

SEQR forms and information

Choose applicable checklist(s):

Lot-Line Adjustments/Lot Combination

Lot-Line Adjustments are processed administratively. *Lot-Line Adjustment plats must adhere to the same checklist as required for single-stage subdivision.


Town code: Regulations Governing Special Use Permits

Zoning Board
Form Based Code
Town Board

Rezoning applications are available on Cloudpermit for the following types of rezoning petitions:

Easement & Dedication

Easement templates and Dedication forms to be edited and uploaded to Cloudpermit for review by Town Attorney and Town Engineer (MRB Group).

Building Permit Documents


TOWN BOARD APPLICATIONS (these can be found in Cloudpermit)



Short-Term Rental Permit applications are in Cloudpermit. A permit is required for all short term rental operations.

See Short Term Rental information page for details. 

The fee is $900 and the permit must be renewed every three years. All applications are submitted through Cloudpermit. Click below to get started. The Short Term Rental application is in the Building Permit module. 


Property Information

To find information about a particular property including tax map numbers, acreage, zoning information, and more, please follow the link below to access Ontario County’s publicly available online property mapping software program called OnCor: Once there, scroll down and click on “OnCor Property App.” The software will allow searches by address or tax map number and also by the location on the map.  


Other Information

Formal Complaint Form

Truss / Pre-Engineered Wood / Timber Form

Septic System Requirements

Insurance Requirements For Homeowners and Contractors

Approved Electrical Inspectors

NYS Worker's Compensation CE-200 Exemption Form Instructions

CE-200 Exemption Step-by-Step directions


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